Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yes it's true our precious Ella is home. We picked her up around 4 p.m. She had a nice little coming home party with her grandparents and aunties and cousin. It's so good to have her home it has been a long three weeks. I think Ella is really happy to be home and sleep in her own bed. We thank God for making her whole and bringing her back to us. Her sisters are so glad to be able to see her everyday. We are looking forward to spending the day together tomorrow as a family. I will post back soon on how she is doing and with some new pics of her days at home. Here she is at home with her sisters we are so blessed to have three beautiful girls.


Julie Pannecouk said...

YAY!!! ella and the girls are adorable, very cute i love you all and i cant wait to see ella again. i hope u guys have a good night sleep:)

lori bunk said...

I AM SO THRILLED!!! praise the Lord! have a fun family day tomorrow!

Jennie Brady said...

i hope that you've had a great first week home with ALL your beautiful girls. thanks again for sharing your experiences and faith. i can't wait to meet sweet ella!

Hayleigh Joy said...

Hopefully now you all are beginning to find your routine again. Praise God for His faithfulness and seeing us all through the hard times. Thanks again to your family for being there with us and being an encouragement. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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