Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sorry I have not posted in a while I have been having some computer difficulty. Ella's been home over a week now and she's doing great. She has been taking her meds good and eating alot. She had a nurse come to the house to check her out. The nurse checked her oxygen, listened to her lungs and weighed her everything is great. Then the next day we went to childrens hospital for another x-ray. Her lungs looked good, no more fluid. That is her last visit to childrens now we will only go back for social visits. The girls are doing great with her. They keep fighting over her. They think I should of had two, one for each of them. Ella is more then enough work though. I have been getting used to her feeding schedule. The newborn stage hasn't been to bad. I think with already having two other kids I was used to not getting any sleep. She went to the pediatrician this week they were so happy to see she was doing well. They were the ones who first seen her when she got sick. She's like a celebrity there. Everyone knew her name. She's getting so big. I am still fortifying her breast milk with the extra calories. It's definitely working. The doctor weighed her and she is 9lbs. 2oz. Next week she will go to her cardiologist. The only place I've been going is to the doctors it seems. We plan to start venturing out soon and enjoy our summer. 


lori bunk said...

she is so cute in this pic!

ninabunk said...

oh i miss her! i can't wait to see her!!!

Hayleigh Joy said...

That is so awesome to see! Keep the info an pix coming. We really do enjoy the blog. Praise God for all the great news. Hopefully your cardiologist will give you the same instructions we got at our f/u visit,"everything looks great! Take her home and lover her to pieces."

Hopefully we will get to see her soon!

the Alber family

Julie Pannecouk said...

i love u and miss u all cant wait to see ella and i agree with lori.