Friday, July 4, 2008

Day Fifteen cont.

Remember when I told you nothing exciting was going on today? Well it just got exciting. I was feeding Ella and I  heard a bubbling  sound and she was crying so I went to unwrap her blanket and I seen the end of her tube that was supposed to be in her stomach. We immediately called the nurse over and they called the doctor he came in right away and they put a bandage over the hole and ordered an x-ray. The x-ray looked good and her vitals look good. She will have another x-ray tonight to see if the fluid is started to build and if that happens they will need to put the tube back in. Please pray that she will not need another tube. I guess sometimes the fluid could just dissipate and then she would be fine. She must have had enough of that tube I think she really wants to go home. We will update if we get some new info.


Hayleigh Joy said...

We shall continue to lift her and you all up in prayer. Hopefully this turns out be Ella's way of saying,"enough's enough!". What a tremendous amount of stress you guys are under. God will use this circumstance for HIS glory and your benefit, but ultimately for HIS purpose! AMEN? Thanks for taking the time to update this blog to keep us all informed. (Nice job on the header page!!!)