Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day Twenty

Today was a good visit with Ella. She did not drain at all while I was there. Jason went tonight and she still has not drained we really hope this means she is done we will know more tomorrow after her x-ray. Today at the hospital the stanley cup was there so the girls had there picture with  it. It was pretty cool they brought it in for all of the patients and siblings and employees to have there picture with it. I will for sure post back tomorrow hopefully she is done and we can prepare for her to come home.


Michelle said...

YEAH! We are very excited to see that there is no drainage. We will continue to pray that there is no more drainage. Hope to see your next post w/ information about going home! The picture w/ the stanley cup and girls was great. Did not see a video link for day 19? Talk to you all very soon.

The Alber family

Aunt Susan said...

So happy to hear good news! Our prayers continue for her homecoming.

Love to all,
Aunt Susan and Uncle Joe

lori bunk said...

alexa is cracking me up in this pic... she is such a poser! you are going to have to keep your eye on that one!