Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day Twelve

ELLA'S MOVE: today Ella got moved back to the NICU where she first started. She is moving in the right direction. She will be discharged from the NICU. We are just waiting for her drainage tube to stop draining. Once that stops they can remove it and the following day she will be discharged. So as of today she only has a pic line in her head, which is like an I.V.( they are only keeping it in just in case they if something happened and they needed to give her something intravenously) and she has one drainage tube in, so she is started to looked more like our Ella again. Today has been a relaxing day the kids went with my dad to greenfield village and Jason went to work for a little bit. Everyone will be back soon. Jason's dad just left, he was here for a little visit with Ella. Our new friends Eric and Michelle got to go home just now, today is their daughter Hayleigh's first birthday. I'm so glad she gets to be home for her birthday. Hopefully we won't be to far behind.