Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day Sixteen cont.

I hope everyone has not been freaking out since 2 p.m. about the x-ray. I am so sorry I got back to you so late we've been kind of busy. Her x-ray showed a little more fluid around her lungs but her vitals are still pretty good. They moved her back to the PICU so the cardiac team can keep a closer eye on her. So far the doctors do not feel the need to put a tube back in, she will have another x-ray in the morning. We have left the Ronald Mcdonald house. We decided to go home now and be with the kids and just commute back and forth to the hospital. I think this will be good, I feel better already. I think us being at the hospital so much was starting to make us a little crazy. It's good to get back to a little normalcy plus I think we will get a better nights sleep. I'll post back tomorrow afternoon with what's new until then please continue to lift Ella up in your prayers. We really do appreciate it.


Aunt Susan said...

Dear Angela, Jason and Girls,

Just a note to tell you how much we are thinking and praying for Ella as well as the whole family. You have been on our minds since Sharon told us about these unexpected developments in Ella's health. We have her in our thoughts and pray for her daily. We are looking forward to your post that says she is "going home"! We know that it will be very soon. Stay strong!

All our best with love,

Uncle Joe and Aunt Susan