Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ella's pool day

This week we took the girls to a hotel that had an indoor waterpark. We were so excited to see Ella swim for the first time. She seemed to enjoy it. Our whole family being in a hotel room was not so fun. Ella kept waking up and it was waking up everyone. I'm sure she is glad to be in her own crib tonight. She really is such a sweet baby. Ella is now 8 months old. Last month was a big month for her she began rolling over and her two bottom teeth are coming through which makes for a crabby girl. Thankfully she has stayed healthy this winter. We are extra paranoid everytime she has a snifle or cough. Hopefully that will wear off as time goes by. I will feel more at peace once she is big enough to tell us if something is wrong. Until then I am enjoying her as a baby, I know it doesn't last long.