Friday, July 11, 2008

Day Twenty-one

The tube is out for good this time. She should be able to go home tomorrow of course the doctors still can't say for sure nothing is definite around here. She will need another x-ray in the morning just to make sure everything still looks good and then she's outta here. The doctors want to see her on Wednesday for another x-ray. I guess because the draining stopped so abruptly they want to be sure it doesn't start again. Tomorrow will definitely be a day to celebrate. God is so good. He brought us through this hard situation that at one point felt like it would never end. She looked so good today just like her old self again . We can't wait to have Ella home again so our family can be whole. I will post back tomorrow with some good news. Here's a pic of Ella she was trying to break out of her crib today.


ninabunk said...

yeah praise jesus!!! we are so happy she is coming home!!!!

Aunt Susan said...

So happy to hear your good news! God certainly has Ella in His sight. She is an absolutely perfect baby, such a cute picture! Love, Aunt Susan

lori bunk said...

i am so happy for you guys... i know you are so ready to be home for good. give us a call if you need anything.