Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day Twenty-one

I just got off the phone with Ella's nurse and she said that she did not drain all night. She thinks they will take the tube out tomorrow and she will go home this weekend. I will get a more accurate report when I get there. We are so excited thank you for all of your prayers. Keep it coming she not home yet. I'll post back later with more details. 


Hayleigh Joy said...

Hallelujah!!!!!!!! We are so excited for you guys! We will continue to pray for good news to come your way! We know that nothing short of walking out of the hospital w/little Ella is what you desire the most. Be strong and keep the faith!!

Eric and Michelle

lori bunk said...


Hayleigh Joy said...

anxiously awaiting your next installment! We are getting ready to Shout to the Lord in joy and praise w/ thanksgiving for Ella coming home!

talk 2 u soon!

eric and family

Jennie Brady said...

I was at Children's yesterday for an appointment for James and was really praying that Ella could go home soon. I'm looking forward to meeting her. She's so beautiful! Maybe she and James can get together later and talk about their extended stays in the NICU! :)