Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day Fourteen

Sorry for the late entry. Ella's lung is back to normal, thank you all for the prayers and words of encouragement. We had a few visitors today, Ella was very excited. Earlier today Russ and Rebecca Hozen came by, followed almost immediately by my (Jason's) parents. We also just received a call from Lori Bunk letting us know that her and Chris are making there way over when Chris gets out of work. This day seems to be flying by. The kids just left with my parents and are on there way to my Uncle Jimmy's house, they were getting a little stir crazy here. Well back to talking about Ella, she really looks good and she is eating well, the only think keeping her here is her chest tube is still draining quite a bit. The doctors and nurses are saying it is normal and the fluid looks good. It is just hard for us when we thought we would be going home now. But it is better to double and triple check everything here before we take her home. So what they are telling us now is that it will be a few days before she stops draining and then we will need to stay at least twenty four hours before we can go home. They are hoping for monday or tuesday, but we are believing for earlier. Check back soon for new pic's.


Nancy Dickison said...

Praise God! Glad to hear that Ella is doing well. Hope to have you guys home soon.

lori bunk said...

it was so great to see you guys tonight! ella is such a tough little girl and it was wonderful to hear her little voice tonight and see her beautiful eyes. we're praying you guys get home soon!

We are the Stovall's- Jesse and Jennifer said...

Hey Ang and Jason...I am so glad Ella's lung is back to normal. I know it's hard to have a set back, just stay strong in the Lord! It's okay to be will all be over soon! I love you, jenn