Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Ten

It is now two days after her surgery they will definitely take her off the vent today. We came in in the morning and she is still sleeping. As soon as she wakes up they will take the vent off. The doctors took some of her tubes out and wires off. About three hours went by and she is still sleeping . We are eagerly waiting for her to wake up . We have been trying to get her nothing is working. By about 5p.m. she finally wakes up. Yeah they took her off her vent she is alot happier now. She can have a bottle of pedialite and then for her next feeding she can have a bottle. It is about 7p.m. and we are going to leave the hospital for dinner. We have gotten to know another couple that has a baby here. We are going to go to dinner with them to this thai restaurant that is in the eastern market. Our new friends are Eric and Michelle they are great we have alot in common with them.  We had a good time at dinner the food was great and it was good to get out of the hospital. It was fun getting to know our new friends they have four girls, their youngest is here she just had a heart operation on Thursday she also is doing well. After dinner we went back to say goodnight to Ella she is resting peacefully.


Stitchen said...

Ella is so beautiful. I am glad to hear that her surgery went well.
Michelle is my daughter in laws sister. We have read about you guys on Hayleigh's blog.
God Bless Ella's sweet little heart. I hope that she continues to improve every day.