Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Four

In the morning in the family lounge people start waking up around 6a.m. and everyone fans out in the hospital to see how their children did through the night. Today is Monday we were anxious to see what her Doctor and Cardiologist had to say. We were eagerly awaiting for a surgery date. We just wanted her heart fixed so we could work on getting her better to go home. When we went to her room that morning she looked good.  Better than she had previous days anyway. I got to hold her and feed her myself that was exciting and she loved being held. The doctors came in and said she looked good and she was ready for her surgery. The Cardiologist told us that the surgeons hold a conference every Tuesday afternoon to discuss the upcoming surgeries and after that meeting they should have her surgery date. One thing we have learned around here is that they can not guarantee anything even if she has a surgery date. Unless they are wheeling her down to the O.R. they can not say for sure when she will have her surgery.  Right now she is stable so if a baby comes in that needs immediate attention she would be bumped. We are hoping her surgery would be Wednesday,now we will wait until Tuesday to find out. It seems like alot of waiting .  We got a room at the Ronald Mcdonald house for the night I can't wait to get some sleep.