Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Eight

SURGERY DAY! We have been waiting all week for this. We spent the morning holding her, she seemed very relaxed. They would bring her down to the O.R. around 2p.m.  Her grandparents all came by to hold her before her surgery. They took her to the O.R. at 2p.m. and we gave her some kisses before they wheeled her in. Now we will wait for about 7 hours. Today will be a long day. All of our friends and family have given us so much support and prayers we really have appreciated it. And I know those prayers have been answered. We spent our day in the waiting area in the O.R. a nurse came in to update us when they stopped her heart, when the surgery began, and when they started her heart back up. The doctor came in about 5 hours later and said it all went well, the nurses were closing her back up and we could see her in about an hour. When it was time to see her I felt nervous I was not sure how she would look. But she looked really good a lot better than we expected. The nurses were bringing her up to the pediatric ICU where she will recover the next few days. About an hour and a half later we were able to visit her, by now it is around 9 p.m. She really is doing well they said. After they started her heart again she had an arrhythmia so they would just monitor her trough the night. It was hard to leave for the night but we really needed to rest. We would return early in the morning. The surgery is done now we will be praying for a fast recovery. We hope to bring Ella home soon.