Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Six

Today is wednesday just  a few more days until her surgery. We do not expect many changes today she is doing good still now we will just spend time with her. The surgeons assistant came by to set up an appointment to meet with surgeon he will then explain exactly what he will do in the operating room. We will meet with him on Thursday at 1p.m. We will continue to stay at the Ronald Mcdonald house probably until Ella can go home. The Mcdonald house is an interesting place. Olivia thinks we are staying at Mcdonalds. It is a house with 25 rooms , a couple of living rooms to relax in, a kitchen for everyone to use, a play room and garden area outside. Our room consists of a couple of beds with a sink. We share a bathroom with another room. The house will supply meals sometimes. Different churches or organizations come in to prepare meals and if you are around the house you can come and eat. We pretty much wake up and come to the hospital, then come home at night and go to bed. We don't ever hang out at the house, some people do though they act like they are at home but for some people they are at home, if their kids are very sick they could be here for months.