Friday, January 16, 2009

Ella's ear piercing

Monday Jason took a day off which was his first since christmas, so we wanted to do something as a family. I took Olivia out of school early and we went to great lakes crossing. The girls rode rides and played games at jeepers then we had dinner at rainforest cafe we hadso much fun it waas like we were on vacation. We saw that carnival cuts does ear piercing so we decided to take Ella. We had tried to get Ella's ears pierced twice already and it didn't work out so we figured with everything she has been through we would just wait. This time it really happened. Like her usual self she was all smiles when we went into carnival cuts. She obvisiously did not know what was coming. She was really still when the girl put the marks on her ears for placement I thought she is going to do really good. The girl was ready to get started Olivia asked if we were going to lay her on the table and hold her down.(: I had Ella on my lap and they did one ear at a time I had to hold her head still. It went really quick but she was not happy. ): She definately screamed louder and longer then any of my other girls. Jason picked her up and held her tight and he relaxed her to sleep. She looks so cute with her ears pierced and I think that was easier then if my girls were older.


lori bunk said...

ahhh... those are cute pics! (except the one of her screaming in sheer pain...but you know)

ninabunk said...

she looks so cute in the bottom picture!! yeah!! can't u have your hubby talk to mine about this!!