Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ella's first christmas

Ella is doing great we recently went to her cardiologist and her heart looks good. She is off all her meds now and does not need to see the cardiologist until she is one. We were so glad to hear it. She is getting big, she laughs alot and is always smiling. She even says dada . I think with the third you really realize how fast they grow up I can't believe how quickly she is hitting those milestones it's so sad. She is such a great baby. Ella is eating baby food now she will eat whatever we give her she even ate the prunes. I can't beleive she is already 6 months. Time flies she is not the baby in our family anymore. My sister just had her baby on Christmas eve ,Ella seems so huge now but to me she will always be my baby. I find that I baby her more then any of my other kids probably because of all that she went through. She still wakes up in the night and I give her a bottle the doctor says I should stop that, if it were my other kids they would have had to cry themselves back to sleep. I may regret this if she's two and still waking up in the night. Ella enjoyed her first christmas. She loved opening her presents and she has been having fun with her new toys.


lori bunk said...

that picture of her laughing is the cutest ever!

ninabunk said...

aww, those pics are soo cute!!