Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ella loves the cider mill

 I know I am so bad it has been a month since a blogged last. Olivia and Alexa are back in school now and you would think I would have more time. I really need more hours in a day, who doesn't right. I am trying to spend more time with Ella while the girls are away at school but I can't always find the time. Ella is still waking up in the night ,some nights are better then others I am definitely ready for some uninterrupted sleep. She is started to get a little chubby it's so cute. She really is a happy baby always smiling and laughing. Health wise she seems to be doing well nothing new. She will see the cardiologist soon she only goes every three months I wish it were at least every month so we could make sure everythings good in there this feels like the longest three months ever. Olivia and Alexa are doing good with her. As soon Olivia gets home she can't wait to hold her Alexa is starting to get a little jealous hopefully she will get over that soon.  Today we took Ella to the cider mill she really enjoyed picking apples. It was such a perfect day Ella and her sisters picked a ton of apples then we went home to make an apple pie. I have never made a homemade pie before. I definitely learned what not to do for next time. It looks kind of ugly but it tastes pretty good and thats all that matters right? 


lori bunk said...

homemade apple pie? wow, suzy homemaker, i am very impressed! cute pics!