Monday, August 11, 2008

My days at home

Ella loves her sisters. She is doing great. She's getting so big . We have a good routine down she is the easiest baby ever. Ella only cries when she's hungry or ready to go to sleep. She loves her swing (thanks Auntie Mel). Our days with Ella are pretty relaxing she is eating every three to four hours and she just eats then she will smile and laugh a little and then she wants to go back in her swing to sleep. She goes down for the night good and wakes up a few times during the night. Last week some of her cousins came over for a play date and she went to dinner with her friend Hayleigh who was in the hospital having a heart operation at the same time. Hayleigh is doing well we look forward to seeing her again soon. Saturday Jason and the girls went to our church picnic, they had a great time. It was Jason 's first day out with all three. He had no problems, he's such a good dad. Our summer is winding down but we feel like it's just begun.